Monday, 28 January 2013


As of yet I have been pretty undecided as to what I would like this blog to be about, and decided to turn this into more of a beauty/fashion/diary based blog, where I will post opinions on things related to these as well as daily happenings in my life, rather than discussions about various things.

I have created a new blog which is and this will more of a discussion based/rambling blog where I will post thoughts and opinions of a variety of things, as well as my own daily experiences (therefore some posts may be seen on both). While I still find my way around both sites, there will probably not be a lot posted, but I hope to get better in time!

I don't have a lot of people that follow this, or will be bothered, so this is just a post for anyone who might be, or even future reference for people that may be bothered in times to come as to why the sudden change has come about, and may even want a look at my other blog.

Much love

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